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You're irreplaceable - but who would look after your children if you were no longer here? Zest Wills can help you to choose guardians for your children and ensure they would have the legal right to bring them up with the ability to share memories about you and the passions you enjoy. 

Have peace of mind knowing that those you would like to benefit actually do so, in accordance with your wishes. At the same time avoid any possible disputes between relatives. 

Enable your childrens' guardians to use available funds to pay for everything that goes with bringing up children such as clothes, food, education, holidays and all the fun things. 

A single Will from Zest Wills now costs just £75

If you and your partner both need Wills you only pay £25 more, that's only £100 for both!


Discuss your wishes with expert guidance in the comfort of your own home, over the phone

and receive your Will ready for you to sign just a few days later. 


Zest Wills works in association with The Right Will & Estate Planning Ltd. Zest Wills aim to understand your wishes fully via confidential telephone or face to face discussions (when allowable under Covid regulations) and provide guidance where needed to help you make any tricky decisions.

Your instructions will then be set out in a legally binding Will and associated Trusts where appropriate, using the Legal know-how and support of the legal team at The Right Will & Estate Planning Ltd.  

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